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You’re aimlessly searching LinkedIn and none of the jobs that you are encountering truly resonate with you.

Even though, you know you can do the job, your heart constricts as you read through the job descriptions.   You know this is not it!

But staying where you are is also not an option.  The thought of being stuck in your current role, career path or organization is too daunting!

You might have tried to change in the past just to find yourself in a similar cycle of unhappiness and lack of fulfillment.  And you are at a loss of what to do next!

As a professional woman who spent over fifteen years climbing the corporate ladder to
Vice President, only to feel unhappy and stuck; I too wondered if there was ever a way out.

Until I finally unlocked the secret to joy and meaning in my professional life:  I discovered my life purpose and made it my day job!

but, you have no clue what you want to do and
you're afraid to make a wrong move or...
take a step back in your career.

You know you are NOT in the right career.


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I’m a Career Discovery Coach for corporate professionals at a crossroads in their career and who want to make sure their next move is the right move.  And I truly believe that happiness at work is everyone’s birthright!

After working for over 15 years in various corporate roles, it took reaching the pinnacle of my career, as Vice President in a Fortune 500 company, to realize that I was climbing against the wrong wall. I felt miserable and stuck until I DAREd make a radical change in my work life.

As a result of my personal transformation, I have finally found fulfillment, meaning and joy in my work.

And my purpose in life is to help you do the same!

career discovery coach · happiness at work advocate

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Meet  Dena!


"After working with Dena in the Dare Discovery program, I have a dashboard that reflects my values, 'what a jarring thought'.  With her guidance, my life personally and professionally has dramatically changed for the BETTER. Everyone needs a "DENA" in their life! 

"My life personally and professionally has dramatically changed for the better!"

Gelsomina P.

"I just feel so much more rooted in my decisions. I feel confident in myself and in the changes that are coming and the steps I'm taking in my career. I can't recommend the DARE Discovery Program enough.  I truly believe that each one of us is here for a reason and Dena can help you discover what that is." 

"I feel confident in myself and the steps I'm taking in my career!"

Megan F..

"After working with Dena and the Dare Discovery program, I feel confident in my next steps, my passion and my mission.  I honestly can't recommend this program enough." 

"I feel confident in my next steps, my passion and my mission"

Emily W..

Dena's work is phenomenal. Her process really helped me deepen into aspects of myself, my purpose, and my life path that I was already aware of, while also giving me the insights and resources to clarify aspects that were missing."

"Dena's work is phenomenal!"

Stephenie Z.

If you are unsure which career path to choose, look no further than your Lunar Nodes. Embracing your North Node and letting go of your South Node will guide you to your dream job.

How To Find Your Dream Career?

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice, can be a powerful tool in your job search toolkit. Try these techniques today and ace that dream job interview.

How Can I Use Feng Shui In a Job Interview?

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