I was the woman who thought if I could just get the title or the salary, then I would be happy at work...

Sound familiar?   

But now I'm on a mission to help unhappy professionals truly redefine what happiness and fulfillment at work means to them.  So they can match their outer success with their inner bliss.

And just a few years ago, I was one of them!

After nearly two decades as a corporate executive, I went through a personal transformation that led to a total overhaul of my professional life.

After years of feeling stuck and unhappy at work despite a successful career, I had finally found my calling; my life’s purpose!

However, with that discovery came the realization that the career path I had pursued for all these years would not allow me the space or opportunity to fully live out my purpose.

So I had to make a choice: Stay in my comfort zone knowing that I will never find fulfillment at work or pivot completely and start over.

I chose the latter.  And I am so glad I did!

unable to see a path forward....


working hard to climb the corporate ladder only to be met with one obstacle after anotheR...

I see too many smart and ambitious women feeling stuck in a job that no longer fulfills them... 

Get the clarity you need to discover what you are meant to do in this world & make it your dream job!

Because success feels empty when it is not fueled by Purpose!

You can achieve success in your career without a true purpose but once you get there, you might find that what was your idea of success: the title, more money, perks, even the experiences are not what you want. Then the emptiness and discontent set in.

True and sustainable fulfillment can only happen when you are in alignment with your purpose.

In your work life, that means a career that integrates your inner and your outer desires. 

A career that happens at the intersection of your Soul's yearnings (your spiritual needs) and your Personality's desires (your material needs and wants).

I'm Dena — a Career Discovery Coach.
I help professionals just like you discover their life purpose and make it their dream job.

I know what it’s like to feel lost, empty, unfulfilled and not know which direction to take...even if others see you as a success!

But I also know what it feels like to have clarity, meaning and joy in my professional life. 

Happiness at work is your birthright!

My Favorite Quote . . .

The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why!

Claim it!

Mark Twain

I'm obsessed with  . . .

My Saturday night indulgence:  A hot bubble bath, a quest novel, a glass of rose and smooth jazz.  

for self care

I feel humble in its beautiful but harsh landscape. Nurtured in its hot but soothing lagoons.  When I am there, I am serene and bursting with life all at the same time.

my favorite destination

He inspires me to be fully present in the moment... one treat at a time... one ball chase at a time.

can't live without


Bubble Bath








night owl


morning bird




Make a guess.  I am . . .

get to know me


"After working with Dena in the Dare Discovery program, I have a dashboard that reflects my values, 'what a jarring thought'.  With her guidance, my life personally and professionally has dramatically changed for the BETTER. Everyone needs a "DENA" in their life! 

"My life personally and professionally has dramatically changed for the better!"

Gelsomina P.

"I just feel so much more rooted in my decisions. I feel confident in myself and in the changes that are coming and the steps I'm taking in my career. I can't recommend the DARE Discovery Program enough.  I truly believe that each one of us is here for a reason and Dena can help you discover what that is." 

"I feel confident in myself and the steps I'm taking in my career!"

Megan F..

Dena's work is phenomenal. Her process really helped me deepen into aspects of myself, my purpose, and my life path that I was already aware of, while also giving me the insights and resources to clarify aspects that were missing."

"Dena's work is phenomenal!"

Stephenie Z.

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