My specially curated resources designed to help you get a start in your  career transformation journey ... from the inside out!

from time tracking to meditation, these are some of the tools i and my clients use to up level our goal attainment

Productivity Tools

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An on-demand video learning platform providing unlimited access to a full course library 

linkedin learning

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Toggl Track is a great time management app.  It helps you track how much time you spend on different activities on and offlne. 


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Manage your work and home projects and to-do list with this simple yet powerful Lean project management tool.


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Sleep is an essential component to goal achievement.  This app has great sleep and meditation offering to sleep and recharge.

CALM app

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A unique planner based on your birth date so that you can tailor your plans and actions in accordance with universal flow.

kabalarians cycle chart

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More than a planner,  Full focus provides a system to set, strategize and achieve your goals.  

full focus

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Fulfillment and sustainable success in your career happen at the intersection of your material wants and your spiritual yearnings. 

Four questions can help lead you there!

Your Roadmap To Career Bliss!

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Unlock the secret to happiness and fulfillment at work!

Your Dream Career Guide!

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Your Birth date holds the key to success and happiness in your career.

Your career profile can help you unlock your Life Purpose - Who you were born to be!

Discover Your Greatest Potential!

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Discover Your
True Potential!

Your Birth Date holds the key to success and fulfillment in your career!

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IDare Discovery is a unique 8-week virtual treasure hunt that combines esoteric and spiritual teachings to help you gather the clues to your true purpose in life and proven tools and processes to help you identify your optimal career path.

Whether you have no clue what you want to do in your career, have an idea but you’re not sure where to get started, or you’re ready to make a move in your career and want to make sure it’s the right move, IDARE Discovery is the program for you!

5 fun and results producing modules designed as a treasure hunt.

90 minute weekly virtual group coaching and Q&A sessions.

Personalized "Career In Purpose Blueprint"; Dena's proprietary formula customized with your birth information.

Discounted access to our in-person Mastermind Retreat in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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And so much more....

These are the inspirational reads that I keep coming back to and recommend to many of my clients! 

What's On My


If you are unsure which career path to choose, look no further than your Lunar Nodes. Embracing your North Node and letting go of your South Node will guide you to your dream job.

How To Find Your Dream Career?

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice, can be a powerful tool in your job search toolkit. Try these techniques today and ace that dream job interview.

How Can I Use Feng Shui In a Job Interview?

From The 

Gain invaluable insight and support in your career transformation journey.

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