Sometimes it takes jumping out of a plane to make a daring move in your career.  Other times, all it takes is to look at the job you are in with different eyes and a fresh perspective.   Whatever your personal circumstance,  I will help you choose the right path for you!

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You have tried everything! You changed jobs, changed industries and even moved to a different city. But you are now at your wits end and on the verge of quitting, breaking down, and burning to the ground everything you have worked for! 

When we work together, you will be able to not only answer the existential question: “Why am I here” but you will also uncover and unravel the limiting beliefs and patterns that have been driving your reactions and decisions for probably your entire life.

 We will be leveraging all the tools in the toolbox from esoteric teachings to proven business and learning methodologies and processes to restructure, rebuild and completely transform your career from the inside out!

i see you...

You're tired of spinning your wheels in your career. 
You know you are meant for something more... something different... but you have no clue what that is.

I've got you!

The 3S Coaching Journey

What you can expect...

So you can make any future choices in your career methodically and from a place of strength not a place of weakness or haste.

You get the tools to effectively manage what is not working in your current role.


You gain the clarity and knowledge that you need to evaluate your potential and develop a step by step action plan to make your life purpose your dream job.

You have the knowledge to make the right next moves and plan a winning strategy.


You move confidently towards your dream career. You make your moves and execute the milestones of your efficient action plan to make your dream career your reality.

You have the confidence, the support and a solid plan to land your dream job.


CLARITY:  No more confusion as to what you are meant to do in this world.  You know with certainty which direction to follow for fulfillment and success in your career.

MOTIVATION: You unwaveringly go after your career goals as you now know your true purpose and the path to take you there.

DECISIVENESS:  You no longer doubt your choices or question your path.  You're making decisions from a place of knowing and strength rather than confusion or fear. 

CONFIDENCE:  You are confident you can achieve your career ambitions.  You can finally articulate your value proposition, showcase your worth and negotiate the salary you deserve

Results my clients see...

"She coached me on how to listen and engage effectively with others. She also provided guidance on how to deal with some of my more challenging employees by leveraging their strengths (their zone of genius as she says) rather than attempt to correct their weaknesses. Dena was one of the most caring and inspiring people I have ever worked with.”

"Dena's guidance and coaching has proved invaluable in my career!"

Pradeep P


Starting at $2,000 per month

* Payment plans and multi-month discounts are available.

+ 3 months of private coaching
+ 12 coaching sessions over the 3 month period 
+ Your unique Career In Purpose Blueprint    based on astro-numerology
+ Customized Career Transformation Action plan
+ 1:1 Voxer access to Dena for coaching on the go 
+ Discounted access to masterminds in amazing destinations around the world!

what's included

Our coaching calls happen over Zoom (in person options also available)!
Each call is 60 minutes, every week. We'll also check in and communicate regularly over Voxer!

Private Career Coaching


Unlimited access to Dena for ongoing support and guidance as you need it between sessions.

UNLIMITED voxer support

A unique analysis of your  birth chart  to help you uncover your life purpose and its practical application in your professional life


 1-hour long video sessions where I will guide you through short-term & long-term strategies to effectively transform your career.


What coaching is like...

Together, we will develop your customized career action plan to take your ambitions from hopes and wishes into reality.

customized career plan


"After working with Dena in the Dare Discovery program, I have a dashboard that reflects my values, 'what a jarring thought'.  With her guidance, my life personally and professionally has dramatically changed for the BETTER. Everyone needs a "DENA" in their life! 

"My life personally and professionally has dramatically changed for the better!"

Gelsomina P.

"I just feel so much more rooted in my decisions. I feel confident in myself and in the changes that are coming and the steps I'm taking in my career. I can't recommend the DARE Discovery Program enough.  I truly believe that each one of us is here for a reason and Dena can help you discover what that is." 

"I feel confident in myself and the steps I'm taking in my career!"

Megan F..

Dena's work is phenomenal. Her process really helped me deepen into aspects of myself, my purpose, and my life path that I was already aware of, while also giving me the insights and resources to clarify aspects that were missing."

"Dena's work is phenomenal!"

Stephenie Z.

I’m a Career Discovery Coach for corporate professionals at a crossroads in their career and who want to make sure their next move is the right move. And I truly believe that happiness at work is everyone’s birthright!

After working for over 15 years in various corporate roles, it took reaching the pinnacle of my career, as Vice President in a Fortune 500 company, to realize that I was climbing against the wrong wall. I felt miserable and stuck until I DAREd make a radical change in my work life.

As a result of my personal transformation, I have finally found fulfillment, meaning and joy in my work. And my purpose in life is to help you do the same.

If you’re truly committed to finding success and happiness in your career, let's talk!

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I'm Dena and I'm on a mission to change the happiness quotient in corporate America one person at a time.

Imagine if your career felt as good on the inside as it *looks* on LinkedIn? 

When your day job = your dream job, you enjoy the work you do and the people you work with. 

More than just something you "have to endure" for the paycheck, your dream job gives you the opportunity to grow, contribute, thrive and realize your true purpose.

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