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If you are a Starseed CEO, you came into this world with the potential to become an affluent and successful leader in business.

Your core mission is to revolutionize how business is done from the inside out and in the process positively impact the lives of thousands if not millions of people.

You probably don't know it yet and are not yet aware of your own potential but you are here to usher in the era of the "Corporation In Purpose".

You are meant to lead an organization that operates in balance between care for its people and the environment and societies it operates in and building wealth and profitability.

 An organization that fuses divine feminine and divine masculine qualities to achieve its purpose: Contribute to the betterment of humanity.


You feel it!  You know you are meant for greatness.

Leadership, empathy, courage, standing up against injustice and lifting others are traits that speak to the essence of your being... whether you exhibit them or deeply admire them in others. 

I’m a Career Discovery Coach for corporate professionals at a crossroads in their career and who want to make sure their next move is the right move. And I truly believe that happiness at work is everyone’s birthright!

After working for over 15 years in corporate America, it took reaching the pinnacle of my career, as Vice President in a Fortune 500 company, to realize that I was not following my purpose. I felt miserable and stuck until I DAREd make a radical change in my work life and discovered my true life purpose.

My Starseed mission is to transform the corporate world from the inside out by helping future Starseed business leaders rise through the corporate ranks and reach their potential.

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I'm Dena and I'm on a mission to change the happiness quotient in corporate America one professional at time!

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  2. Your personalized birth chart.
  3. An excerpt of your Career In Purpose Blueprint, Dena's astro-numerology formula to help you identify your optimal career path.
  4. A google drive link to the Starseed CEO program details.

Congratulations on taking this amazing step towards fulfilling your destiny!

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Free session We will get on a 60 minute zoom call to discuss your current career situation and your professional ambitions.  We will also review your birth chart results and discuss the program at length. 

Let's make it official:  If we're a fit, a contract will be sent to you for your review and signature along with a payment link and a calendar link to start scheduling your sessions at your convenience. 

If not, your free session will have hopefully provided a lot of value and insights.  You will also receive a discount code to select IDARE Academy offerings and Mastermind retreats.

You will receive an mail with your results.  The email will also include the following:

  1. Your personalized birth chart.
  2. An excerpt of your Career In Purpose Blueprint, Dena's astro-numerology formula to help you identify your optimal career path.
  3. A discount code to select IDARE Academy offerings and Mastermind retreats

Important note:

If you don't have the Starseed CEO markers, it does not mean that you are not a Starseed or that you do not have the potential to be a CEO or business leader, it it simply means that the specific markers identified in Dena's proprietary formula are not present in your birth chart.

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Fulfillment and sustainable success in your career happen at the intersection of your material wants and your spiritual yearnings. 

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Free to be your authentic self at work because you are living your life purpose.   You strive to create a safe space where innovation, creativity and diversity are encouraged.  You lead with empathy and empower your people to be their best selves; their true selves. 

This is the leadership potential of the Starseed CEO.

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