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Efficient action is action that is supported by a solid plan, driven by true purpose and anchored by a vision.  We help you devise an efficient action plan using proven project management tools and processes.  So you can bring your vision into reality.

For a successful and, most importantly, sustainable career transformation, inner transformation must take place first.  Our process allows you to acknowledge, understand and then repurpose your fears and blockages to achieve your vision.

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We use inquiry-based learning and esoteric teachings to help you uncover your true purpose; the pre-requisite for your career transformation.  This will in turn help you identify the type of work that will truly bring you fulfillment and unleash your potential.

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Our 3 Coaching  Principles 

true knowledge

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Improvement opportunities:  Astro-numerology can help you identify limiting beliefs and behaviors that have held you back.

Untapped potential:  Your Astro-numerology blueprint can identify areas of potential within you that have yet to reveal themselves.

Rapid Results:  The insights gained through Dena's "Career In Purpose Blueprint " formula can replace months or even years of self inquiry.

No one size fits all:  Results are based on your personal birth chart and are customized to your unique blueprint.

Why Astro-Numerology?

Astrology and numerology are important tools in our coaching toolbox. We leverage their capacity to reveal and inform...not to predict.

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IDARE Career Academy programs combine esoteric teachings and inquiry-based learning methodologies to help you discover your dream career in less than 90 days!

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IDare Career Academy

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Customized private coaching programs focused on inner transformation as the catalyst for career transformation.

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A unique and exclusive year-long program for exceptional women with specific markers in their birth chart.

an exclusive 12-month private coaching program

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Specially curated events and retreats in luxurious destinations around the world for a small group of likeminded women to enjoy, connect and up level their careers!

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Mastermind Retreats

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Fulfillment and sustainable success in your career happen at the intersection of your material wants and your spiritual yearnings. 

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